Click the video above to hear Larry introduce Pop-Ups, Movables, and Novelty Books.

100 Wonderful Books from Wonderland is an online catalog appearing several times annually offering a select variety of top-of-the-line items. With few exceptions, we offer only first editions (by which we mean first edition, first printings) in original dust jackets (if thus issued).

This time around, we're featuring one of my all-time favorite categories: pop-up, movable, and novelty books. There's a wide variety, from 19th century Victorian items through current gems featuring the very best in modern paper engineering. I'm certain that you'll find something appealing, regardless of whether you're a starting collector or a seasoned pro (and a special thanks to the "hand model" on most of the posted photos and videos, my wonderful wife, Susan). 

We've recently added a new Search function to the bottom of each page. In addition to the Categories tab above, you can now search by title, author, illustrator, or key word. Simply type your request in the Search field and a list will automatically scroll below.

This is an easy site to navigate. Start by clicking 100 Books in the above menu to go straight to the current offerings. Click on any book to get a detailed description and chance to purchase. If you're interested in a particular sort of book, click on Categories in the menu bar to see only those. Find out more about us About Us, and check into our Blog for interesting errant thoughts and diversions (this edition's blog looks at the history of pop-ups and provides several sources for further investigation). Questions? Contact Us provides a handy place for your queries.

Wonderland Books is located in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, and specializes in old, rare, and out-of-print children's books with an inventory of over 12,000 titles. 

We’d love to meet you in person and will be attending the following antiquarian book fairs this spring. If you're in the neighborhood, please drop by and introduce yourself!

Washington (DC) Antiquarian Book Fair...March 4 & 5, 2016...Holiday Inn Rosslyn at Key Bridge
Florida Antiquarian Book Fair...March 11-13, 2016...St. Petersburg Coliseum
NOBS Akron Antiquarian Book & Paper Fair...March 25 & 26...John S. Knight Center, Akron, OH

Please check out additional listings on or search for listings on eBay (our customer name is wonderlandbooks). And don't forget our Facebook page (Wonderland Books-Old & Rare Children's Books). We'll be offering interesting content for book collectors plus special sales and deals for our Facebook friends only. Happy hunting!